how to add cufon js to magento without conflict other js

Refer Site is: codings:Implement Cufon fonts in Magento StoreCufon is basically a javascript text replacement technique which takes the font, renders every character with its information like color, size, etc and replaces original text.Here we are going to see how to implement the cufon fonts in magento by the following steps:First, Go to and upload your font with the instructionsMake sure the “EULAs of these fonts allow Web Embedding” check box should be enabled and get your font name.js file by agree the terms and conditions.Download the basic javascript file – cufon.js ( which is easily available).Upload the js files in public_html/js/cufon/ folder on your server.Add the below code in page.xml file of your theme and place this code inside your head sectionCode<action method=”addJs”><script>cufon/cufon.js</script> </action> <action method=”addJs”><script>cufon/IM_FELL_Double_Pica_PRO_italic_400.font.js</script></action>Add the below code in the head.phtml file of your theme and place this code right before the end of the file.Code<script type=”text/javascript”>Cufon.replace(‘h1’);</script>This code will replace the text inside the h1 tag with custom cufon font. You can target specific classes too if you need it, like this:Eg:Code<script type=”text/javascript”>Cufon.replace(‘.page-title h1, .page-title h2’);</script>


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